Delta Discovery Tours brings travelers deep into the Mississippi River Delta on a once in a lifetime experience, quite literally in some cases as land is eroded and overcome by rising seas quickly in Louisiana. These custom motorboat tours led by Louisiana native, Captain Richie Blink.

Blink has a lifetime of experience in Louisiana's bayous.  From an early age, he was spurred into action to help remedy severe land loss, his passion is sharing that deep love for Louisiana's coastal culture and wetlands with you.

While the tours are custom we offer the Delta Circumnavigation Route for the merely curious that travel through cypress swamps, fresh & saltwater marshes, along barrier islands, past an off-the-grid bayou village, travels up the Mississippi River. Land loss is contrasted with new land emerging from the gulf. Industry and nature are juxtaposed against one another. This trip is 50 miles long and clocks in at 6.5 hours. All aspects of Louisiana's coastal challenges and opportunities are clearly visible and explained in everyday language.

For professional photographers, filmmakers and academics Delta Discovery offers totally custom trips into the delta. Captain Richie has brought with biologists, and citizen scientists into the delta on dialed down projects to achieve stunning photos and critical data.

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