Our Fleet

New Delta

Lafitte Skiff

This vessel's design came about in the 1940s when large, high RPM, car engines became available. Before then fishing boats in Louisiana had slow engines and rounded hulls. Those old lugger boats, while efficient, were quite slow. The new  technology allowed fishermen to have more time with family instead of slowly steaming back to port. 

The high bow and stern of the Lafitte skiff allowed the captain to work in choppy seas while the low midsection allowed for easy handling nets and oyster tongs. Lafitte skiffs were originally built of wood with flat bottoms. Over time as fiberglass became the material of choice a more "V" shaped bottom emerged. This rendition, built in 1984, is a lightweight fiberglass hull powered by a 115 horsepower outboard. She is outfitted with a modern VHF radio and a full suite of safety equipment. The large canvas makes sunny days on the water a breeze. Outfitted with an array of L.E.D. lights night trips on the New Delta magical.  






Our mudboat is the modern incarnation of a dugout canoe. Built as a commercial crawfishing boat used in the Atchafalaya Basin, she is the perfect craft to explore shallow waters. Powered by an efficient 25 horsepower four stroke engine called a Godevil and air cooled, this boat takes guests deep into the Louisiana swamps into places far beyond the reach of a traditional outboard. 

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